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Our Approach: Starting With You

Whether you are an everyday cannabis consumer, or someone who only consumes on special occasions- we would love to get you into our tester program.

All we ask of you is to give honest feedback about your experience with cannabis products, provide your thoughts on branding and labeling, and your opinion on the taste of new products that are yet to be on the market. Your voice is important to these brands, and you can assist us in helping companies launch better products to consumers.

  • STAY ANONYMOUS – We respect your anonymity. No information including your name, age, sex, will be given to ANYONE outside our organization.

Want to learn more? Sign up to be a tester, answer a couple of basic demographic questions, and Traction Rabbit will be in touch about qualifying studies in your area.

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For Your Business

Learn how Traction Rabbit can help your cannabis business make data driven decisions.


For Consumers & Budtenders

Traction Rabbit knows how vital you are to the industry, helping new and experienced cannabis consumers make purchasing decisions. You provide valuable advice and suggestions to consumers about the effectiveness, consistency, and overall experience a product provides.